Koby is an experienced design/build contractor, entrepreneur, business advisor and a mentor.  His years of experience have thought him that every successful project can be attributed to a coherent plan, a blueprint for operating and executing the needs and desires of the customer.


Koby specializes at the study of construction documents from the architect and identifying cost implications. He has extensive experience at facilitating the procurement of all necessary permits and approvals assisting the owner and architect when government or utility interaction is necessary.  Koby also coordinates the work of all subcontractors with each other and with the activities and responsibilities of the construction manager, the owner, and architect. 


Koby is an Ex-Army officer, mentor and advisor to other businesses. He has graduated from Tel Aviv University School of Management.  


In his spare time, Koby enjoys cruising the Hudson river  and New York Harbor on his motorboat.

Recognized for his creativity in special features, kitchen designs, and overall excellence in his work, Paz has been building and remodeling homes in New York City and the surrounding areas for over 10 years.


Paz's personable interaction with clients has earned him referrals and word of mouth business from clients, real estate agents, and professional contacts.


Paz is a hands-on builder and remodeler who relies on teamwork coordination, suppliers and subcontractors to ensure the quality and expertise he insists on. 


His personal focus and frequent contact with his clients affirms his belief that the personal touch is important in realizing his homeowner's dream. On every project, Paz is fully committed to quality and most importantly, homeowner satisfaction.


Paz builds custom motorcycles and restore antique cars in his spare time.

Advancing Green Construction

Advancing Green Building Construction. High performance. Sustainable. Green. For Zel Renovations, LLC. , each of these concepts goes hand-in-hand with being a better builder—taking care of every client we serve. 


As a green renovation company, Zel strives to meet community and national standards in high-performance building. Creating innovative spaces that blend form with function, in harmony with the environment. 





Company Values


Zel Renovations, LLC. believes that every owner and project team has the right to establish the benchmarks for which the success of their project is to be evaluated. Honor, integrity, teamwork, understanding, and professionalism are integral to our decision making process. 


Services Tailored to Your Needs


Our blueprint for success includes hard work, perseverance, and interactive communication skills. Each project sponsor has the right to honest project progress updates, including cost and schedule regardless of status. Zel Renovations, LLC. is an open shop; available 365 days a year. We're customer centric and cultivating strong relationships is an important part of our philosophy.